Thursday, 6 November 2014

The harder you work, the luckier you get.

The harder you work, the luckier you get.

One night, two frogs, who were friends, came across a farmer’s home. As they entered inside they accidently fell into a vessel full of milk.

It was winter, and the night was really cold. So, neither of them liked the situation very much. They both wanted to come out.

Frog 1 said – “Dude, we gonna die out of cold.
Frog 2 said – “Oh! Come-on, it’s not that bad. The only thing we need to do is to jump. And as you know we both are great when it comes to jumping.”
Frog 1 –“But, don’t you know that we can’t jump out of milk? We first need a solid foundation,   before we jump.”
Frog 2 –“But, at least we can try!”

So, they jumped.
They missed. – Just by few centimetres.

If you have studied high school physics; you will know that, one can’t jump out of a liquid. You need something solid to generate the force. If only they could find something SOLID to hold on to; they would have made it.

They tried once again – It was of no use.
They tried jumping out again and again and again.
They couldn’t make it.

They were fatigued by this.

Frog 1 –“Hey, I can’t do it anymore. I give up.”
Frog 2 – “Wait! Let’s give one more try. Let’s take a deep breath, muster all our strength and jump, just one more time.”
They then decided to give a try for one last time.

They failed again.

They then decided to give a try for one last time.
They failed again.

Frog 1 –“I am totally giving up now. It’s better to die in peace then to die panting and breathless from the exhaustion of jumping.”

Frog 2 –“You know what! We can swim. We can swim on and on till morning; till the farmer arrives and then he will save us.”
Frog 1 –“I don’t have any energy left.  I am already fainting.”
But, then the frog 1 decided to swim.

So, they swam and swam and swam.

 However, it was winter, and the night was so long that it seemed to be endless and milk was too cold.
Besides, they both were already exhausted. It was really tough for them to continue to swim.

So, frog 1 decided that he just can’t swim anymore. Frog 2 tried to encourage him, but what could he do? – He had no energy left.

Frog gave up to be drowned.
Frog 2 even though, he was devoid of any energy due to exhaustion and loss of a friend swam and swam. He thought that his friend was right. That he was going to die; so what’s the point in    trying?

Just when he came across this thought – he landed up on something SOLID.
This is all he needed to make it.
He sat on that solid thing and jumped.
Needless to say, he made it.

Apparently, continuous swimming by these two frogs had churned
BUTTER, out of  milk, a lump of which was floating on the top of the milk.

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