Sunday, 16 November 2014

How To Become A Good Orator

Oration Tips – Do’s And Don’ts While Giving A Speech

#1 Know your audience.

Prepare your speech, keeping in mind who your audience is. You wouldn't want to bore teens with facts and data.
Similarly, if you are addressing a group of senior managers, you would like to cut the crap and come straight to the point.

#2 Water

Drink some water before entering into the stage. You don’t want your throat to be dry – do you?
It also keeps you calm and helps you to deliver your idea in a more effective manner.

#3 Smile

Smile – it hides how nervous you are. The fact that faking a smile, actually decreases your stress level; is an added advantage.

#4 Look straight into their eyes.

When you look into their eyes you appear confident. And remember – People love confident people. Moreover, this helps you in connecting with your audience, a key ingredient to any good speech.

#5 Add humour

No matter how serious your topic is, there is always a scope of a joke or two.
Does this mean that, just to make your speech funny, you put any random joke in your speech?
– A big no.
Think of some funny instances related to the topic from your past experience. Put those examples in your speech. Make use of these instances to convey your ideas. It always helps.

#6 Plan your finish

We all prepare for a great start. But in the process, we at times ignore a suitable ending.
An ending without a proper conclusion, defeats the very purpose of a speech. What is the point in delivering a great speech, if it leaves the audience clueless about the final conclusion?
Conclude your speech with the central idea you wanted to convey through your speech.
End it with a popular quote or something which that sticks in their minds.
And never forget to wish them a great life ahead.

#7 Ask questions

Your speech should not be a monologue.  e.g. While delivering a speech on climate change, ask – “How many of you feel that the greenery of the earth is vanishing?”
Asking questions, engages your audience.

#8 Put energy and enthusiasm in your voice

Right from your opening line to the conclusion, your voice should be filled with energy.
When you give your audience an idea that can double their sales percentage, you should not convey it with an emotionless face. You should actually sound excited about the whole idea.

#9 Quote some real life example

Elaborate your point with some real life examples. People connect more to a real life examples than data or facts.

#10 Engage your audience

Before you make your entry to the stage, ensure the availability of mic with the audience as well.

When they ask you a question, ask them to first introduce themselves.
Repeat their question by saying – “So, our friend xyz is asking if  …………….”
This way your audience feel that they are not just being delivered a speech, but they are very much a part of it.
Plus, it gives you time to think of an effective answer – a bonus.


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