Saturday, 22 November 2014

How To Crack An Interview

Dressing for an interview 

Everyone knows that they should wear clean, well tailored clothes during an interview. Yet, when it comes to interview, they are totally clueless. Allow me to make the task easier for you.

a)      Your attire should reflect your profile.

Applying for a hot-shot law firm?
Keep that black suit of yours ready.
 Don’t go for a well tailored suit unless you are in for a managerial profile.
The interview is for an internship?
Don’t bother about a suit. A simple shirt and a tie will do.
In short, don’t overdress.

b)      Your friends told you that, you look awesome in that black shirt?
Be warned  – don’t wear it for your interview.
It’s an interview dude, not a new year party.

Wear a light shirt and a dark pant instead.
Sounds like a cliché?
Well, just stick to it.
You can't afford to experiment with your interview, dude.
Your girlfriend has gifted you with a red tie and you are thinking, "Why buy a tie, I already have one?"
Well, it's time to move your ass and get a new tie.

Don’t risk your job. Get a tie with blue or grey or black print.
One more rule, don’t you put on anything with red or pink or orange shade.  It’s the easiest way to screw your job interview.

c)       Your girlfriend says that you look sexy with those stubles?
Don’t listen to her.
Shave yourself clean.
And don’t do it on the interview morning.
Clean shave is appealing, but only after 5-6 hours. Do it the night before.

d)      If you are a girl, don't wear anything revealing, unless you are applying in a modelling agency. The board will simply judge you as unprofessional, period.
And would you yourself, like to work with people who are more interested in your curves,  than your credentials?

e)      You love your Reebok shoes? Well, you can save it for another day.
For now, just a pair of well polished black shoes. Nothing else.

f)       Ah! Now it’s time for some fresh air. Yes, we are talking about perfumes.
Thanks to Axe ads, guys know the importance of deodorants.

A word of caution here though, don’t you ever pour the whole bottle on your body. This never works, not even for picking up chicks.

So, no strong perfume. And never too much of it.
This however never means that you enter into the room all smelly and stinky after your basketball match.
Apply a mild deodorant, preferably cologne.

By the way, did I forgot to to tell you to tuck your shirt in?

Well, now you have been warned.


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