Thursday, 13 November 2014

How to answer interview questions?

What is a candidate’s worst nightmare?
It’s always the same, irrespective of job, education, background – Tell me about yourself.
You mug up all the formula you can lay your hands upon, buy the best dress that your pocket allows, bring to your face the widest smile, and you get nailed by the simplest question – Tell me about yourself.
Not really, if it’s you who got busted by our good old question.
So how do you answer it?
Simple, don’t answer it.
Relax, I am kidding.

Well, this is the question which allows you to showcase yourself. Just tell them how awesome you are, boast about yourself, even brag. They won’t sue you.

You were the captain of your school volleyball team, tell it.
You play guitar very well, tell it.
You were awarded with the best orator award, tell it.

So, this is the platform to tell everything you are proud of.

Does that mean that you also tell them that you slept with your last boss’s wife?
You know the answer.
You don’t tell it; no matter how proud it makes you of yourself.

The point I want to make is – Filter the irrelevant things out of this bragging.
If you are applying for a software engineer job, no one cares if you also happen to be a great biker. They simply don’t care.

And for God’s  sake, just don’t mention that your dad’s same is Rajeev and your Mom’s – Neha. Would it have mattered, had this been the other way round?
So, simply don’t speak about it.
Just cut the crap and speak how awesome you are. But, only say what is relevant to the job you are applying for.

These days, almost all the jobs are looking for people with “Leadership qualities”, and “Negotiating skills.”
So, instead of just mentioning your past, describe how it helped in developing these qualities in you.

Think of your previous job or college or school.

Try linking your past with these qualities.
You were in in sports club?
Say how it helped you with your leadership qualities.
You were in sponsorship team of your college fest?
Describe how it helped you in developing negotiating skills.

See, when they ask you – Tell me about yourself. 
They want you to sell yourself in two minutes. And I want you to do exactly the same – Nothing less, nothing more.

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