Monday, 12 September 2016

How to prepare for a speech?

How to prepare for a speech?

Who wouldn’t love a standing ovation for their speech?

You choose a topic, you write a speech on that topic, you read it out wonderfully, everyone is happy. Isn’t it that easy?
No, it’s not.

In fact, preparing for a good speech is one of the most daunting tasks. So much, that you felt the need to read this whole article.

Anyway, coming straight to the point – What all do you need to do for delivering a great speech?
Let’s start with the basics.

The first one is – choosing a topic which you are interested in.
The next job is to do research about the topic.

No matter how much you know about the topic, do it.

Then, prepare a speech based on the ideas you have gathered.
Look at your write-up. Find out if you can include some real life experience, or an interesting fact, or a humorous example in your speech.

But there is a word of caution – Never read out your speech from a piece of paper.
Memorizing your speech is not a good option either.

So, how do you know what to speak?
Seriously, is this even a problem, when you have already done so much research in the field.

However, there can be a problem, in case you forget. What do you do in such a case?

There is a way out for even that. Summarize your speech in five or six points and note it down on a piece of paper. Your points should be small and concise. This can act as a rescue in such cases.

But knowledge is one thing, delivering it with eloquence is another. And for that, you need to practice. 

Get someone to listen to your speech. 
Practice, practice and practice. Practice in front of your dog, the wall of your room, your mirror, or at any place where you can practice.

Visualize yourself in front of your audience and rehearse out loud.

Observe if your action and your body language are in sync with the tone of your voice or not.

Keep a tab on the usage of fillers. Practice your speech using a timer.

Revise your speech, if necessary. Pay attention to the number of times, you are using,  “umm”, or “ahh”, or “I mean”.
Avoid it.

In short, no fillers, no matter what.

One more thing, looks do matter.

As you are preparing to give a speech, you must be already carrying a dynamic personality.
However, there is always a scope of improvement.

Make sure that you appear your best while you are delivering the speech.
People take you seriously, when you look good.

Was this too much?

See, if you are new to the field of oration, you will have to put an extra effort.
However, all this will come naturally to you after a while.

It takes time and effort to achieve perfection, and it will come in due time.

Best of luck.

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