Saturday, 3 January 2015

How to prepare for an interview

I know that group study never works. 
You start with a good intention to complete the chapter, but then you end up playing the video game. Mock group discussions are even worse. 
You start with some serious discussion about “European Union” or “Syrian Crisis”, but this lasts just for 10 minutes.
Before you even know, all the discussion turns into just one topic – tits.
Sorry! But, true story.

So natural question – Will a mock interview work? 


It depends how serious you are with your job hunt. But let me assume that you are pretty serious.
So, let me cut the crap and come to the point.
To begin with, the first thing that you need to do is to 
Form a group.

Form a group, consisting of students seeking the same type of job.

Say for example, you are an engineering graduate. Then, your group should consist of engineering students only, unless you are preparing for general exams such as banking.

Even in such cases, make sure that your group consists of students who not only share the same dream job, but also the same branch. After all, how can you mix a bunch of mechanical engineering students with those from computer science – right?

Next, take these interviews very seriously.
Make it a point to meet at least once in a week.

The important point to remember is that, the interview should be as similar to the real life interview as possible.
Dress in formals, bring your resume, wish your friend in the same way as you would wish the panel, and most importantly, be in time.

In fact, it’s even better, if you act as if your friends actually represent the very same company which you are aspiring for.
Say for example, you are preparing for T.C.S., pretend that it’s an actual T.C.S. interview. Include the questions that T.C.S., panel is likely to ask.

Where do you get those questions?
Come on! Just Google it dude. I know that you are that smart.

Better still, you can even short-list the best candidate from your group. (And don't forget to take a treat from the short listed guy)

Happy Interviewing!

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