Sunday, 28 December 2014

Interview Tips

Nonverbal Communication During An Interview.

Let’s start with the cliché – Stay calm.

Am I fucking kidding?
It’s your job at stake, and I want you to stay calm?
No, that's not how things work. 
Let me show how you can make it work.
First of all, when you enter, find out possible time for your turn and then, find your place and sit. 

Feeling anxious?

Well, it’s natural. 
Get a glass of water.
They have a coffee counter?
Get one for yourself.
But resist your temptation to smoke, no matter what.

Start a light conversation with other candidates. 
However, don’t compare yourself with them or discuss possible questions. It will just make you more tensed, nothing else.

Coming to more important stuffs, check the order of name and stay prepared. Once, your name is announced, gently knock the door and ask for the permission.
Never enter the room unannounced.

When you enter the room, your whole personality should be oozing with confidence.
Make sure that your shoulders are not lumped or your neck isn't low.
And most importantly – SMILE!
Wish them good morning or afternoon or evening as per the time. Now, approach the interviewer/s and extend your hand. Look right into their eyes and shake hands with them.
Here again, smile when you do all this. 

If I am asked the most important thing needed to swim across the interview, it would be – smile.

Now, there must be a chair for you in the room. No, don’t sit there yet. First, you ask for the permission to be sitted. Or better still, just approach the seat and stand right behind it. The board will automatically take pity on you and ask you to sit. (This is in fact, is the best way to ask for a permission to sit.)

Now it’s time for the real interview.
Don’t shake your legs. Don’t look around the room. Just relax and sit straight. Maintain an eye contact. However, this doesn’t mean staring right into their eyes. Because a continuous stare will just make your interviewers uncomfortable. Sure, you don't want that.
Just look into their eyes and then drift your eyes for a few second.

Now, all you have to do is to answer their questions. More about that in the next post.

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