Thursday, 2 July 2015

Why Should I Hire You?

How To Answer H.R. Questions During An Interview.

One of the most popular HR question is – Why do you want to work with us?

I know the reason is that probably you have to repay your education loan or that your grades suck and they are the only company that you are eligible to sit in.

But when they ask you this question, the idea is to never tell them the “REAL” reason. Instead, you just throw a big smile and tell them that they are an awesome company to work with.

But for that you need to know every bit of information about the company that it is proud of. Because the very moment you tell them that you find their company to be awesome, they will ask you what really interests you.

And take my advice, never answer this question with “paycheck” or “annual package”.

So, what do you answer in such case?

Well, there is no “Standard” answer to this question and the answer varies from company to company. But, the underlying principle is same in all the cases. Answer it with something that the company prides itself with.

For example – If the company is in a habit of launching  a new product every quarter, tell them that you get inspired by their innovation and would love to work with them.
Similarly, if it prides itself with philanthropy. Tell them that you feel really touched to see how their efforts have touched so many people.

The idea is to tell them precisely what they want to hear.  Trust me, they know that you are lying. But it’s a lie they love to listen.

But how do you know what is that thing which the company prides itself with?

The answer is simple – Google.

Visit the company website,  find out the company’s tagline, its history and its work culture.
Follow the company on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to get updates.

The more informed you, the better equipped you are in not only answering the questions, but also in deciding whether you are willing to work with the company.

Natural question – Why put your effort in researching about the company, when there are so many things you need to revise for your interview.

My answer – Because it gets you that job.

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